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Why I No Longer Eat Watermelon, or How a Racist Email Caused Me to Leave Graduate School

Long time no hear everybody! Today, we’re re-posting Robert Palmer’s blog on his experience on grad school. We’re experiencing a brain-drain in academia, if we continue to ignore racism, sexism, elitism and all its nastiness.

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Whatever happened to the Golden Rule of “Don’t be an Asshole”?

Recently, Rachel Leventhal-Weiner wrote a column in Vitae called “What Do I tell my Students?” Like many of us, Rachel is leaving a multi-year VAP position. Like for so many of us, it was long enough to like a place, … Continue reading

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VAP’s and why they suck- a Buzzfeed-style list

Recently, a well-meaning senior colleague told me that I should be excited to apply to one-year positions. “They can lead to a tenure track, and moreover, it gives you the chance to get an overview of the different institutions out … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How to improve the job search process, from the perspective of a candidate

Originally posted on Tenure, She Wrote:
Today’s post is by Dr. Belle, a fourth-year postdoc Job openings are both a blessing and a curse. They can infuse both search committees and applicants with a sense of hope for the opportunities…

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Academic Bullying

I had already given up on finding an academic job after graduate school when the call came. It was a three year visiting position in a remote, small liberal arts college no one ever heard of, but whatever, it was … Continue reading

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Academic Types: The Common White Male Student- a Field Study

The common white male student (discipulus pallidus masculinus vulgaris) comes in all forms and shapes, is however characterized by certain outward appearances: He will wear cargo shorts (unless outside temperatures are minus 18 Fahrenheit, which is when sweatpants become appropriate … Continue reading

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How to write a Rejection Letter: Do’s and Don’ts

Recently, my students told me that it’s a ritual among college students to post the first letter of rejection they ever receive on their dorm door. It’s a badge of honor, and it creates a certain community among the job … Continue reading

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